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In addition to reporting on environmental conditions, we lead multiple park clean-ups and invasive species focused programs. Yearly, we remove more than 2000 pounds of trash from our area parks, green spaces, and waterways with help from volunteers and the City of Rochester, as well as over 500 pounds of water chestnut from our waterways with help from the DEC and PRISM. This is a great way to gather a group of friends and have a fun day outside while also helping the planet.

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Great Lakes Plastic Pollution Cleanups

In partnership with RIT and Monroe County, and other organizations and cities in the Great Lakes Plastic Cleanup group SPZ is conducting outreach programs, cleanups, and citizen science data collection around various sites around Rochester and its waterways.  At strategic locations we have LittaTraps to collect waste to be analyzed through stormdrains.  We have also installed SeaBins in Braddock Bay, Irondequoit Bay, and the Genesee River to skim the water of debris to be analyzed.  

Invasive Species​

As one of the transportation hubs of the region, the Monroe County area is at a higher risk of invasive species than other areas.  Seneca Park Zoo currently conducts: 

  • Invasive Species early detection hikes – Staff leads participants on hikes of local green spaces to teach how to identify and report locations of invasive species.  
  • Water Chestnut pulls – Participants help pull invasive water chestnut from local waterways before it seeds out and spreads.  

Upcoming Clean Up Events

Community Cleanup – Seth Green Park 6/15

Seth Green Park 93 Seth Green Dr, Rochester, NY, United States

June 15th- Join like-minded neighbors to help clean-up our local green spaces this time at Seth Green Park!

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