ZooParent Animal Enrichment Program

Support the animals in our care
ZooParent program funds are used by the animal care team to purchase enrichment items or materials that encourage mental and physical stimulation.

What is enrichment and why is it important?
Enrichment gives animals opportunities to express natural behaviors, preserving and challenging the instincts and adaptations unique to each species. It enhances the well-being of the animals and is as essential to animal welfare as nutrition and excellent veterinary care. Enrichment items are as varied as the species who use them. From puzzle feeders and perfume, to plastic buckets and piñatas, every item is chosen for the unique needs of each animal.

ZooParent packages include:

  • 8 x 10″ supporter certificate
  • Species fact sheet
  • 4 x 6″ matted photo of your animal
  • 8″ plush toy

ZooParent packages are available at the ZooShop for $45, or we’ll ship it to you for $53. To purchase a ZooParent package, please click on the animal you’d like to support below.

If you would like your ZooParent package shipped to another person as a gift, please call us at 585.336.7212 to place your order. Shipped packages will take 7-10 days.

Animal Options

African elephants in the water pool
African Elephant
Male and female African lion
African Lion
African penguin on the rocks
African Penguin
Amur tiger Katya
Amur Tiger - SOLD OUT
Sea lion Mary Lou swimming towards the glass
California Sea Lion
Masai giraffe eating browse
Masai Giraffe
Two plains zebra
Plains Zebra
Polar bear Anoki
Polar Bear
Red panda walking on a snowy log
Red Panda
river otter
River Otter
snow leopard Timila
Snow Leopard
White rhino lying down
White Rhino
Snowy owl Tundra
NEW! Snowy Owl