Support the animals in our care

ZooParent program funds are used by the animal care team to purchase enrichment items or materials that encourage mental and physical stimulation.

What is enrichment and why is it important?

Enrichment gives animals opportunities to express natural behaviors, preserving and challenging the instincts and adaptations unique to each species. It enhances the well-being of the animals and is as essential to animal welfare as nutrition and excellent veterinary care. Enrichment items are as varied as the species who use them. From puzzle feeders and perfume, to plastic buckets and piñatas, every item is chosen for the unique needs of each animal.

ZooParent packages – $58.50 (price includes shipping)

Your package will be processed within three days of your order and mailed via US Postal Service. Delivery time may vary depending on USPS.

ZooParent Packages with blank certificates are also available in the ZooShop for $50.

Digital ZooParent Package – $30

Your digital package will be emailed to you within three days of your order.

To purchase a ZooParent package, please click on the animal you’d like to support below.

Please call us at 585.336.7212 with any questions.

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