Nature and animal-based projects for families, children, and adults to do at home!

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Activities & Crafts

Help us identify species that have been caught on our camera traps throughout Rochester as a part of the Urban Wildlife Information Network (UWIN). Appropriate for all ages.

  1. Create an account (on desktop or the mobile app)
  2. Visit our Project Page
  3. Scroll down to ‘Recent Observations’ and start identifying!

Zoo-themed Bookmarks

  • We’ve created printable bookmarks for you to use at home while studying or reading. Color them in and identify the animal footprints!

Zoo Yoga – check out our animal-themed poses here!

Food Chain Paper Chain – Learn how living things depend on each other for food through a paper chain project.

Educational Materials

Zoo Habitat Design Project – for grades 3-5 & meets NYS learning standards

Zoo Habitat Design Project – for grades K-2 & meets NYS learning standards

Backyard Bingo – great for families!

Bird Bingo  |  Mammal Bingo  |  Plant and Tree Bingo

Videos of Programs

Virtual Book & Beast – appropriate for toddlers

Virtual Animal Program  – Animal Movements: appropriate for Pre-K

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