Zoo Projects at Home

Activities and crafts to do at home for Zoo lovers of all ages. New projects added every week day!

Nature and animal-based zoo projects for families, children, and adults to do at home!

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Invasive Species Challenge #4 (Hemlock Woolly Adelgid) – Find and identify this invasive species using this guide.

Invasive Species Challenge #3 (Black & Pale Swallowwort) – Find and identify this invasive species using this guide.

Mammoths, African Elephants, and Asian Elephants – Learn how these animals are alike and different with help from  conservation partner International Elephant Foundation

Invasive Species Challenge #2 (Japanese Knotweed) – Find and identify this invasive species using this guide.

Invasive Species Challenge #1 (Emerald Ash Borer) – Find and identify this invasive species using this guide.

Animal Conservation Matching Game – Test your knowledge by matching an animal to each description.

Parts of a Plant Activity – Follow these prompts to observe and learn about some of the plants in your environment!

Wildlife Camera Trap Activity –  Learn how the Snow Leopard Trust deploys remote sensor cameras to learn more about snow leopards in the wild and then build your own camera trap!

Create Your Own Habitat Story – Write a fun story by following these prompts.

Nature Journaling (continued) – connect with nature through notes, drawings, and more. We have new prompts to keep your journal going.

Help Wildlife with Milk Jugs – Help wildlife and create habitat with empty milk jugs! Follow these steps to create one or more of the 3 projects we have with empty milk jugs and make a difference in your own backyard!

Intergenerational Connection Project – Looking for a way to connect with friends and family? Feeling inspired to spend more time outside? Let’s share our love of nature with each other through this intergenerational project! 

Help us identify species that have been caught on our camera traps throughout Rochester as a part of the Urban Wildlife Information Network (UWIN). Appropriate for all ages.

  1. Create an iNaturalist.org account (on desktop or the mobile app)
  2. Visit our Project Page
  3. Scroll down to ‘Recent Observations’ and start identifying!

Zoo Yoga – check out our animal-themed poses here!

Nature Journaling – connect with nature through notes, drawings, and more. View our guidelines and prompts to get started.

Scavenger Hunts – There’s so much to see and touch in nature, right near home! 

Becoming Sustainable – Hang your clothes to dry – you can save a great deal of energy by creating your own indoor clothesline!


Penguin TP Tube Craft – Make your very own penguin friend with materials you can find around the house.

Otter Bookmark Craft – Create your very own Otter bookmark to help you keep your place when reading!

Upcycling Paper Bag Baskets – Turn your brown paper bags into convenient little baskets!

Thumbprint Bug Garden – Gardens can be great habitats for bugs, follow these steps to draw a fun and colorful one of your own!

Upcycling Planters – Follow the steps to upcycle plastic containers by turning them into bright and cheery planters!

Bat TP Tube – After having our wonderful guest reader present Stellaluna instructionswe figured we should make our own bats! Follow these easy to do so and learn a little more about bats int he process.

Nature Art – Here are some ideas for making art out of natural materials that can be done outside or inside. Nature play can take a variety of forms from structured learning activities to true unstructured nature play, and when it comes to art almost anything goes!

Caterpillar Egg Carton Project – Many caterpillars have the ability to camouflage themselves into their surroundings. For this project it’s up to you if you want your caterpillar to blend in or choose colors to really make it stand out! Get started on creating your very own caterpillar companion here.

If I Were an Animal… – Draw a picture of yourself with different animal adaptations to discover what you would look like if you were one of these animals.

Paper Duck Headband – Learn about ducks and create a duck headband with us! It’s easy – click here and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Zoo-themed Bookmarks

  • We’ve created printable bookmarks for you to use at home while studying or reading. Color them in and identify the animal footprints!

Food Chain Paper Chain – Learn how living things depend on each other for food through a paper chain project.

Closet Clean-out! – Help combat climate change by cleaning out your closet and turning an old sweatshirt into a pet bed!

Nature Play – Bring nature indoors with these fun, crafty ideas!

Build a Bug House – Spend creative time outside and build a bug house!

River Otter Adaptation Experiments Pt. 2 – for grades K-2 and 3-5 meets NYS Learning Standards
River Otter Adaptation Experiments Pt. 1 – for grades K-2 and 3-5 meets NYS Learning Standards
Blubber Experiment – for grades K-2 and 3-5 meets NYS Science Learning Standards
Sea Ice Experiment – for grades K-2 and 3-5 meets NYS Science Learning Standards

Megaherbivore Math – for grades K-2 & meets NYS learning standards

Zoo Habitat Design Project – for grades 3-5 & meets NYS learning standards

Zoo Habitat Design Project – for grades K-2 & meets NYS learning standards

Biomimicry Project – for middle and high school students & meets NYS learning standards

Backyard Bingo – great for families!

Bird Bingo  |  Mammal Bingo  |  Plant and Tree Bingo

What We're Reading!

Enjoy these staff recommendations for great books on wildlife and wild places, perfect for adult readers. Go green and borrow the books via e-reader from the Monroe County Public Library!

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