Frequently Asked Questions


How do I visit the Zoo?

Timed tickets are strongly encouraged to visit Seneca Park Zoo, but walk-ups are now allowed again. You can purchase them online at Just select the date and the entry window time you’d like to visit. You’ll have a one-hour window for entry. Once at the Zoo you can stay until grounds close. You’ll need to show your ticket (printed, or on your phone). Note that each member in your party (even children 2 and under) will need a ticket. As usual, there is no admission fee for children 2 and under.

What if I am a member? Can I just show up?

Timed tickets are strongly encouraged to visit Seneca Park Zoo, but walk-ups are allowed again as well.

Will I have to leave at a specific time?

No, you can stay as long as you like until the grounds close.

How many tickets are available?

Capacity restrictions have now been lifted.

Can I just walk up and get tickets?

Yes, however we are still encouraging tickets to be reserved in advance as it helps us reduce wait times in line and overall crowd flow.

Will I have to wait in line?

If you pre-purchase timed tickets online, your wait in line should be brief, or none at all. Our touchless entry system is designed to expedite entrance into the Zoo.

What if I miss my time?

While we encourage everyone to try and honor the time slot for pre-purchased tickets, you will not be turned away if you arrive outside that window.

What if it rains? Can I get a refund?

Tickets are for entry rain or shine. Refunds will not be given for weather or other reasons for cancellation.

Can I change my tickets to a different day?

If you or a member of your party is ill, we can reschedule your purchased tickets for a different date or time. Please provide your information here and we will work with you to find a new date and time that is not sold out.

I purchased tickets, but I have an issue I need help with. 

If you have purchased timed tickets, but haven’t received them in your email or have another issue you need help with, go here.

Is there a cut-off time for last sale of admission tickets for today?

Online sales end 15 minutes before the entry window.

Can I give my tickets to someone else if I can’t make it?

Yes, but if they are member tickets, you can only give them to another member. All members will be asked for valid member ID when they enter.

How can I use my coupon or voucher?

At this time, we are temporarily not able to accept discounts with our timed ticketing system. We are working on adding this functionality in the future. Discounts will not be applied retroactively to purchased tickets.

How can I use my membership from another AZA facility to receive a discount?

Guests interested in using reciprocal agreements from other AZA facilities can not pre-purchase timed tickets online as our system does not allow the functionality. In order to utilize this discount you will need to just walk-up to the admission booth and purchase tickets in-person.

I have a presale pass I previously purchased. Can I just come to the Zoo to redeem it?

If you come to the Zoo without a timed ticket, you run the risk of waiting until there is capacity. To redeem for a timed ticket, visit our presale pass redemption page. You’ll need your order # and the date/time you would like to visit the Zoo. We’ll do our best to accommodate your time request.

I am a 1:1 aide and my client would like to visit the Zoo. Do we both need tickets?

Your client will need an admission/member ticket. When you and your client arrive at the Zoo, go to appropriate line (Members or Admissions) and explain that you are the 1:1 aide.

Zoo Experience

What is open? What is closed?

All animal habitats will be visible. Currently the only area closed is The Center for Biodiversity Exploration.

Are giraffe feedings available?

Yes! Giraffe feedings are back on and you can find all the info here.

Is the Tram available?

Yes! The tram is back running and you can find all the info here. 

Are wheelchair rentals available?

Yes, wheelchair rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the ZooShop. Wheelchairs will be sanitized after each use.

Are stroller rentals available?

Yes, stroller rentals are available at the ZooShop. Strollers will be sanitized after each use.

Is the crossing stream at Genesee Trail open?

The crossing stream is open seasonally, and is currently back open.

Are the food stands open?

Yes, Eagle’s Landing Café is open and Crater Canteen is open seasonally. Additionally the Savanna Outpost will offer grab and go food seasonally. There are special precautions in place to ensure social distancing. Transactions can be done with credit card or cash.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you can still bring your own food and beverages.

Is the ZooShop open?

Yes, the ZooShop is open and Savanna Outpost is open seasonally, with special precautions in place to ensure social distancing. Transactions can be done with credit card or cash.

Group Sales

I have a group? How do I get the group discount?

No more than 10 people can enter as a group. Therefore, we are not offering a group discount or school discounts at this time.


My membership expired when the Zoo closed. Will I receive additional time added to my membership?

All members should have received a personal email with an update about their specific membership. If you didn’t receive the email, you can check the status of your membership by emailing or calling 585.336.7212 during business hours 7 days a week.

Do members need tickets?

Members are encouraged to make members-only reservation based on the date and time they would like to visit. Members have been sent a communication on how this will work. If further questions, email

What if I have non-members with me?

If you have non-members with you, they’ll need to purchase tickets either online (encouraged) or at the gate.

What if I want to join or renew my membership?

The safest, most efficient way to join or renew is online at We do not advise waiting to come to the Zoo to join or renew, since it will be likely you’ll need to wait in line to do so, and reservations might not be available.


What is your policy on masks?

In response to the revised safety guidelines issued from the CDC, New York State, and local authorities, fully vaccinated guests will not be required to wear masks at Seneca Park Zoo. Visitors who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear face coverings at this time, including children aged 3 – 11.

What if my child won’t tolerate a face covering?

We know face coverings can be challenging, but for the safety of guests and animals, we have a zero-exception rule for guests over the age of 2, and ask parents to work with their children to ensure the requirement is being followed.   If you or your child cannot wear a mask for health reasons, a face shield will be provided.

What special precautions are underway for cleanliness?

We are following CDC guidelines for cleaning. We have signage pointing out high touch areas so guests can take extra care. There are sanitizing stations throughout the Zoo so guests can disinfect hands frequently.