School Field Trips

The Zoo is the perfect place for a fun and educational field trip

Schools must book field trips at least two weeks in advance by using the link below. A reservation is required in order to receive school admissions rates. Your visit is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email listing your field trip date and details.

School admission rates are available for UPK through 12th grade classrooms. Group rates are also available, and you can learn more about reserving a group visit. If you are not sure for which rate your group qualifies, contact a Zoo representative for assistance.

School Field Trip Policies

• You will receive an initial confirmation email within five days of your reservation request. If after five business days, you do not receive an email confirming the date and student, teacher, and chaperone counts, please contact a Zoo representative as soon as possible for further assistance.
• Two weeks before your visit, we will send you a final email confirming your reservation details including the date and attendance counts.
• In this final confirmation email, you will get a copy of your chaperone pass. The Zoo admits one free chaperone per five paid students, so you can print and distribute these passes to those chaperones. If additional passes are turned in at the Front Gate, they will be charged at the General Admission rate. Alternatively, additional chaperones are welcome to pay General Admission rates directly by going to the Front Gate.
• The final confirmation email will also contain a Check-in Slip to record your actual student count when arriving at the Zoo. Please print and bring this slip with you to the Zoo.
• If your actual student count is within 10% of your reservation, we will adjust your reservation and charge for the actual number of students.
• If your actual student count is above 110% of your reservation, the additional students will be charged the General Admission rate.
• If your actual student count is below 90% of your reservation, you will be charged for the full reservation count and receive passes (valid for one year from your visit date) for the students no in attendance.
• We will no longer honor a school rate without a confirmed reservation. Field trip reservations are date specific, so if you need to change the date of your visit, you need to contact a Zoo representative.

School Pricing

April 1 through October 31

For schools in Monroe County:

$5 per student | 1 adult per 5 students is free*

 For schools outside Monroe County:

$6 per student | 1 adult per 5 students is free*

*Additional adults are $12 each

November 1 through March 31

 For schools in Monroe County:

$4 per student | 1 free adult per 5 students**

For schools outside Monroe County:

$5.50 per student | 1 free adult per 5 students**

**Additional adults are $10 each.

For additional fees, you can add on one of the below experiences to your field trip.

Animal Presentations + Expeditions

All of our programs meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards and can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.

Animal Presentations

These interactive learning experiences make a terrific addition to your Zoo Visit! Animal presentations allow guests of all ages to get up-close and personal with an ambassador animal.

Each experience lasts about 45 minutes and includes three or four live animals, interactive activities and animal-related artifacts.


$110 for first program; $95 for each additional program; programs are limited to 30 people in total. This fee is in addition to your ticket, which you can get here.


Think field study and fun! A professional Zoo Educator will lead your students through a thematic, interactive experience! Expeditions take place in and around the Zoo and bring learning alive.

Each expedition lasts about 1 hour and has students make observations and participate in interactive activities.


$70 for first group; $50 for each additional group; groups are limited to 15 students. This fee is in addition to your ticket, which you can get here.

What to expect when you arrive at Seneca Park Zoo

• Do a head count of students and adults and complete your check-in slip.
• One person from your group will bring your payment and check-in slip to our Admissions staff for check-in.
• Your group will receive Zoo safety instructions on the bus while someone from your group checks in.
• Your group will unload and go to an assigned waiting area where your check-in person will meet you. Once your group is together and organized, you are free to explore the Zoo.
• If you have a scheduled educational experience, an Education staff member will meet you at your assigned waiting area.
• If you are bringing lunches into the Zoo, please have the lunches labeled and be prepared to carry them to designated picnic areas within the Zoo.
• Practice Zoo etiquette:

  • RESPECT the Animals: The Zoo is the animals’ home and we need to show them respect. Always use quiet voices and do not make animal noises because unfamiliar noises can be upsetting to the animals. Do not tap on enclosure barriers such as glass or fencing. Do not feed the animals.
  • Be SAFE: For everyone’s safety, do not run or climb on enclosure barriers. Keep your group together! If anyone or anything is lost, they will be brought to the Front Office.
  • Be COURTEOUS: Throw away all litter and recycle what you can. Be respectful of other guests at the Zoo.

For additional teacher resources and funding ideas for your field trip, click here.