Holiday enrichment for the animals

African elephant

Enriching the lives of the animals at Seneca Park Zoo is a key focus of keeper staff here at the Zoo. It is a crucial part of our day to make sure that all the animals in our care are stimulated and encouraged to interact with their environment. Enrichment can be anything that the animal experiences that is out of the normal daily routine. It can provide them with a new scent, a new object to investigate, or an opportunity to engage in their natural behaviors.

For example, orangutans are forage feeders, so they spend their days searching around for food to eat in their natural range. By giving the orangutans at the Zoo different food items that they have to search for, we encourage them to exhibit the natural behavior of foraging. Similarly, hiding food treats for the tigers encourages them to sniff out their food. We offer new enrichment items to our animals daily and try to challenge them every day.enrichment treeSeneca Park Zoo animal care staff are very excited to share the search for new enrichment items with all of the Zoo’s guests! With the first ever Animal Enrichment Tree, we are giving all of you an opportunity to help us provide enrichment to your favorite animals. The enrichment tree is loaded with tags, each bearing an animal’s name and an item that would make a great enrichment piece. If you are interested in giving an animal an item, you take the tag and return it to the Zoo along with the item!

Listed below are some of the items that could be put to great use as animal enrichment this holiday season. Our animals love having new items to explore, and we are looking forward to a new year of exploration and fun!– Robin English, Zoologist

  • Genny C – Mr. Bubble bubble bath
  • Lilac – Quaker Oats oatmeal
  • Moki  – Pretzels
  • Chana – Shower curtain liner
  • Chester – orange Home Depot buckets
  • Zuri – Cumin spice
  • Asha – allspice
  • Mansion – Large appliance boxes
  • Ursula – Acini-di-Pepe pasta
  • Pimiento – Bags of Goya beans
  • Pearl – Mung Beans
  • Pepperella – boxes
  • Sabina – Mr. Bubble
  • Olive Oil – sheets
  • Livella – blankets
  • Kalamata – orzo pasta
  • Jefferson –  shelled nuts
  • Pico – rice noodle
  • Samson – hats
  • Peter and Paul – Maize corn
  • Gretzky – large appliance box
  • Bianca – Fleece Blanket
  • Aurora – Piñata
  • Bella – coffee filters
  • Denda – large leaf bags
  • Kumang – tissue paper packs
  • All – Roll of Trimaco Brown All Purpose Masking Paper from Home Depot
  • Pied Tamarins Peanut Butter Pie and Thomas– kabob food feeders
  • Golden Lion Tamarins Shauna and Tolo – mini ice cream cones
  • Golden Lion Tamarins Maya and Ouro – suet feeders
  • Red Lored Amazon Parrot Alice – Kabob food feeder
  • Senegal Parrot – small bird toys
  • White Cockatoo KK – med – large bird toys
  • Bill – small 5 lb bag of horse treats
  • Doug – no spill food bowl 6-8″
  • Lucy – small paper lunch bags
  • Blanca – Bubbles


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