John’s Story

John is the Zoo’s youngest donor.

John is a young philanthropist in the Rochester community.

At only 3 years old, John is learning the importance of giving to the community. Early this fall, John came to the Zoo to make a donation of $.75 (his entire allowance for the month) to the elephants, his favorite animal.

While $.75 may not seem like much, it meant the world to us, and it meant a lot to John. His parents are looking to build strong values in John by having him conduct acts of volunteerism throughout the community each month. John chose the Zoo because he loves the elephants here, and he loves the Zoo.

John and his family are members who visit often. When John was even younger, they used the Zoo to help build his vocabulary. They have attended many Book & Beast programs and are looking forward to being able to participate in more Education programs now that John is older. Their favorite time to visit the Zoo is in the winter, rather than the summer, since the animals are out more and they can speak to the Zoo Keepers more readily.


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