Zoo Education & Programs

Every day is a great day to learn about the world around you.

Experience life on the wild side, enjoy up-close animal interactions, and support global conservation efforts with one of Seneca Park Zoo’s education programs. We offer programs here at the Zoo, as well as festivals, community centers, or anywhere you’d like to have an enriching animal experience.

Nature Is For Everyone

Whether you’re a preschooler just starting your exploration of the natural world or a senior looking to discover something new, the Zoo’s range of hands-on and minds-on programs provide engaging and educational experiences with live animals.

Zoo Camp, School Programs, & More

All programs are designed to help you develop the motivation and skills to act as stewards of the environment and become aware of conservation issues through explorations of animal behaviors, biological systems, species diversity and inter-connectedness. Animals are handled by trained staff to be comfortable around children and programs for school students reflect Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and New York State P-12 Science Learning Standards.

Zoo Camp

ZooCamp at Seneca Park Zoo immerses kids in wildlife, the environment, and the need to protect and care for both, all in a unique setting: the Zoo!

Programs For Kids

From after-school programs to KinderZoo to homeschool programs, the Seneca Park Zoo offers exciting, engaging, and dynamic programs that make learning about animals, wildlife, and science fun for children of all ages.

Programs For Teens

Seneca Park Zoo has programs year-round that help teens connect with wildlife and wild places. From volunteer opportunities to our wildlife action program, Zoo programs offer teens a unique opportunity to engage with their local Zoo and the world at large. 

Offsite Programs

Protecting wildlife around the world starts right here in our community. Seneca Park Zoo  works to inspire our community members of all ages to connect, care for, and conserve wildlife and wild places.

Education Resources

The Zoo is dedicated to working with teachers, parents, caregivers, and students to enhance their educational experience. Access our collection of Zoo Projects you can do at home, Exploration Field Guides, and more.