We work to save species throughout the world and right here in Rochester, NY.

Seneca Park Zoo inspires our community to connect with, care for, and conserve wildlife and wild places. When you walk through our front gate, you create memories that last a lifetime and support animal and plant conservation efforts that change our world for the better. With every visit, you help us save species across the globe from extinction.

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Areas of Focus

Conservation Locally

Conservation begins at home. Seneca Park Zoo has many programs to inspire the community to take action for wildlife and wild places. From cleanup events to workforce development—we’re bringing conservation efforts right into our own backyard.

Areas of Focus

Conservation Globally

Thanks to supporters like you, the Seneca Park Zoo Society furthers global plant and animal conservation efforts through fieldwork, grantmaking, advocacy, and awareness. Our work has taken us from the Arctic Circle to Madagascar and beyond.

Habitats of Focus

Conservation at The Zoo

The plant & animal conservation power of Seneca Park Zoo comes from the animals we care for and the people they inspire. As a Zoo guest, you begin contributing to conservation science, animal welfare, & innovative programming when you walk through the front gate. 

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