Saving lives and rainforest with Tulips

Medical students at the University of Rochester recently raised $500 for the Zoo’s partner conservation organization Health In Harmony during a sale of “Orangutan Orange” tulips in the lobby of the School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Medical Student TULIP FundraiserAnnouncement

Dr. Dan Saada
Dr. Dan Saada

Each bouquet was accompanied by a Health in Harmony bookmarkThe funds will pay for acquisition and transport of a Hospital Supply Kit to join Dr. Dan Saada, University of Rochester Emergency Medicine physician, currently volunteering at ASRI Klinik.

The Hospital supply kit contains $7,000 of medications supplied through Health Partners International in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The medical student fundraiser is one component of a Rochester “One Medicine – One Health Initiative” supporting Health in Harmony.

Seneca Park Zoo leads the initiative through a $2,000 scholarship awarded to one Emergency Medicine physician annually to fund travel costs to Sukadana in addition to Zoo visitor donations to Health in Harmony ($27,830 in 2014-2015).

tulip 4
Tulips for sale.

tulip 2

tulip 5

The Zoo’s Director of Animal Health and Conservation Jeff Wyatt DVM, MPH of the University of Rochester (and Health in Harmony Board Member) and Andrew Winterborn DVM, the Queens University Attending Veterinarian, will join Dr. Saada in Sukadana on April 11 for our third goat & cattle herd health mentoring visit since 2013.

It may be hard to imagine, but healthy goats and cattle are saving orangutans.  Seneca Park Zoo and the University of Rochester Medical School are honored to contribute to Health in Harmony’s life and forest-saving successes!


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