Timber & Willow settling in

Timber and Willow are brother and sister born on April 18, 2014 at the New York State Zoo in Watertown, New York. They arrived at our Zoo on February 26, 2016 from the Buffalo Zoo where they had resided since September 3, 2015. Timber was neutered before coming here to prevent inbreeding between the siblings.

Although they are both black, we can tell the difference between the two of them by their size and their markings. Timber is about a hundred pounds and has a large white dot on his chest.

Timber. Photo by Wayne Smith
Timber. Photo by Wayne Smith

Willow is approximately seventy pounds and has a white stripe all the way across her chest. Another way to tell them apart is by watching their behaviors. Timber is the more outgoing and bold one of the two. Willow is curious but very cautious. Timber is usually following Willow around the yard.

Willow. Photo by Wayne Smith.
Willow. Photo by Wayne Smith.

When they aren’t exploring in the yard their favorite place to hang out is along the back fence line. From there they can watch what is going on in the woods behind their exhibit. They also like to nap underneath the big log in the middle of the yard. When all is quiet you may find them laying down near the tree in the front of the yard. If it gets too loud for them they have places where they can go for some privacy. They always have the choice of when and where to go.

There is a secondary switch yard on either side of the main exhibit. This is where their houses, beds, water and dry dog food are available to them at all times. This is also where they get their main meals. Two to three times a day, they are offered a balanced diet of carnivore meat for canines. We have tried other meat items, but they really seem to prefer their basic diet which makes caring for them easy.

We provide enrichment to them several times a day as well. This gives them the opportunity to play and forage for treats. Their favorite things are rodents and bits of fish.

–Heidi Beifus, Zoo Keeper


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