How are Bianca and Gretsky doing?

Photo by Heidi Beifus
Photo by Heidi Beifus

Our Canada lynx pair have been busy adjusting to living with one other during the past few months. Our 2-year-old male, Gretzky, has resided here since April of 2013, while our 1-year-old female, Bianca, joined us in September 2014.

From the very first day she arrived, Bianca has made herself right at home. She was comfortable with her keepers and her surroundings almost immediately. The day we introduced Bianca and Gretzky, she approached him within seconds. From the beginning she vocalized little chirps at him, and hasn’t stopped since. Gretzky, on the other hand, was slightly taken aback by her boisterous greeting, and it took him a while to warm up to her.

They can now be found playfully chasing each other around their exhibit, and they have even been spotted sharing the same log lately. Inside their indoor holding area, they share meals together and spend their nights there, too. Keepers are waiting for the day when we see them actually snuggled up together. Who knows, maybe it will happen this winter during mating season.

– Heidi Beifus, Zoo Keeper