Bella turns 4!

Bella-is-4Seneca Park Zoo’s Bornean orangutan Bella turns 4 on April 29!

Being that orangutans are critically endangered, every birthday of every orangutan is an important milestone.  We celebrate Bella’s special day not only for that reason, but also because of what an amazing animal she is growing up to be.

Proficient at tool use, energetic and playful, with regular training sessions Bella has already mastered more than a dozen husbandry behaviors that keepers rely on to help monitor the orangutan’s health.

We wish Bella many more birthdays; it has been a joy and a privilege to see her develop into the very special orangutan she is today.— Brian Sheets, Zoo KeeperThe Zoo partners with the nonprofit organization Health in Harmony to help save orangutans from extinction in their natural range.LEARN MORE


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