Giant African Millipede

(Archispirostreptus gigas)


Animal Info

These are the largest of the thousands of species of millipede. Although the name millipede means “thousand-feet,” the giant African millipede only has about 300 to 400 legs.

Status in the Wild



Found throughout Tanzania, in rainforests, found under logs and stones. They prefer tropical forest floor.


Organic matter, decayed plant material such as leaves and wood, occasionally on living plant roots and rootlets. Sometimes they feed on dead earthworms and insects.

Did you know?

Millipedes have up to 750 legs but they are only born with six.

For each body segment, they have four legs (as opposed to the centipede that has two legs per segment).

They secrete cyanide poisoning when feeling threatened, which harms their predators if they try to eat a millipede.

Millipedes have a very hard exoskeleton for protection.

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