African Bush Viper

(Atheris squamigera)

Reptile | Africa

African bush viper

Animal Info

Seneca Park Zoo’s two African bush vipers reside inside the Animals of the Savanna building, in the micro-habitat tree.

Status in the Wild

International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List status: Not yet assessed.


African bush vipers are mainly arboreal and prefer tropical rainforests in West and Central Africa. They are typically found far from human settlements.


African bush vipers are carnivorous, and primarily eat small rodents. They may also eat birds, frogs, and small reptiles when available.

Did you know?

African bush vipers are ambush predators, and commonly strike their prey while hanging upside down from a tree limb.

There is no antivenom for this species of snake.

African bush vipers are commonly called “green vipers”, however they can be found in variations of red, orange, gray, yellow, black, blue, olive, and brown. They may also change color throughout their lifespan.

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